Working Toward Success

Success is different to everyone and success can be achieved in more way than one. To me, success is graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic and practicing as a chiropractor for a good portion of my life. Success to me is staying true to the philosophy of chiropractic and never forgetting the fundamentals and doing everything in my power to be the best chiropractor I can be. Success to me is to, one day, have a happy and healthy family of my own and to nourish and love my children and husband for life. This journey, however, will not and has not been an easy one and I am at ease with that.

I’ve noticed that as a nineteen (almost 20!) year old woman of color chasing after her dreams with vigor and everlasting ambition that there are many that do not understand the commitment I have to myself and to my personal success. I may not have all the time in the world to get together for girls night every weekend, or to meet up for a lunch date in the middle of the week. I dedicate myself to my studies and when I am not studying, I am often resting because, believe it or not, studying is EXHAUSTING! I have had boys give me a hard time because “I’m always so busy,” but if they cannot understand then they do not deserve my free time. Simple as that. I used to have serious FOMO, or fear of missing out when I first went away to school since I was one of the very few in my close friend group that went away to school upon graduation. I have definitely gotten over that FOMO and I am not sure if it is because I have started a new life or if it is because I enjoy more time by myself these days. I would have to say that if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t, because I am exactly where I want to be in life.

Sometimes I worry that I may have trouble finding a man that respects my success as I know a successful woman can often be intimidating. I once had a boy in my life that told me that he had to figure his life out before he could be with me. That is one thing that troubles me. People think I have my life “figured out,” but they are so WRONG! I understand that the people that are my age may not be in graduate school and be confident about the profession they want, but there is more to life than your career. I know that once I meet older men who have matured more than the boys that I interact with that this anxiety will lessen, but right now I can admit that I have slight anxieties about finding someone. I mean, I have my mother and father’s relationship to admire and strive for and to show me that a man truly can love and respect a woman. But, that doesn’t undo all the wrongs that other men have done me in my life. And I think that being a woman who will, financially, be fairly well off that I will have to look extra hard for someone that wants me for me. That is why, not matter how much money I make, I aim to use it in a way that isn’t flashy and doesn’t shout “HEY! I MAKE A DECENT AMOUNT OF MONEY!” Yes, I’ll dip into my Carrie Bradshaw and score a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s, but I don’t need a huge house with several cars. I just need what I need to get around and survive.

Another part of working towards success is the obvious fact that I am young and I know that there may be people who do not take me seriously and doubt my skill. That is something that pushes me to become a master of my trade. If I assure that I am the best chiropractor that I could possibly be, then no doubts that a person may have about me can break me. I am working on becoming confident in the words I say, even if right now, it is non-clinical communication with friends and family reviewing information such as anatomy or kinesiology. I know that confidence radiates off the body and I want my future patients to feel at ease with my confidence. Too much confidence, though, especially at a young age could seem egotistical and over eager, but right now I am a long ways from being over confident. I do not see my age as a barrier, in fact, I see it as a gift. Becoming a chiropractor at 23 gives me an entire lifetime to practice what I consider to be the most beautiful art known to man.

With good work ethic and a strong support system (WHICH INCLUDES YOURSELF!!!), anyone can succeed in anything that they wish to do. You just have to want it bad enough, in fact, it almost has to be a need. You have to want it so bad that you’re willing to sacrifice and see that all the sacrifice is worth the beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. You have to set your goal in stone and never let it get etched out, it may get pushed back due to unforeseeable occurrences that life will inevitably bring at one point or another, but that does not mean that the dream is gone. You can beat the odds. It may sound corny, but hell, you can be whatever you aspire to be. As long as YOU put in the work. While success is driven by some external factors, the internal factors are much more powerful. Insert yourself into your life and do something for yourself today to push you closer to your goal.

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